Digival Solutions offers highly skilled team of hardware and software professionals, with experience in the design and development of embedded systems. Digival solutions transform business through the lens of the customer with a forward-looking vision and strategy. Digival Solutions have significant experience building seamless end-to-end customer experiences. Digival solutions offers consulting & outsourcing services to cater the needs of the customers by providing highly skilled on-site technical resources to work along with customer team. Digival solutions personnel are flexible to work on short or long term assignments, in any part of the world that the customer has a business interest in.Our breadth of services exceed those of other competitors because we are not just a staff augmentor, we are a strategic partner who can transform businesses.


Automotive SystemsM.
Display SolutionsM.
Embedded ComputingM.
Infotainment SystemsM.
Location TrackingM.
M2M communicationM.
Mobile ComputingM.
Networking & WirelessM.
Remote MonitoringM.

Software Embedded services

Board Support Package (BSP) preparation
Complete embedded product design & development.
Embedded Linux development.
Embedded GUI design & development using Qt/Python/Java.
Firmware & Middle ware development.
Linux device driver development.
Porting Embedded systems on varieties of architectures like X86, ARM, PPC, MIPS,.etc.
Router firmware development by using OpenWRT.

Hardware Embedded services

Custom hardware design & development including mass production support.
PCB design & fabrication (multi layers).
Schematic design.

Deeply Embedded Systems

Diagnostics development.
Embedded application development.
Firmware development.
RTOS application development.

Embedded Linux Systems

Board level porting of the Linux kernel.
Board level porting of U-Boot.
BSP support and development for ARM SoCs.
Device driver development.
Diagnostics development.

Embedded Testing

Infotainment test automation.
Network & Wireless testing.
Test automation frameworks for Embedded Linux devices.


Application development.
Android Open Accessory.
Porting android for SBC.