Master Data Management

Digival MDM is a leading global provider of superior quality master data solutions. Our software and services transform unstructured, incomplete and duplicated materials data into unique, standardised and enhanced master data, providing you with a single source of the truth across your entire organisation. Our golden records create foundational master data to underpin your business operations, benefitting engineering and maintenance, enhancing operational performances and improvingyour procurement strategies. We have processed millions of lines of data for scores of blue-chip clients in multiple industry verticals and are a recognised leading global provider of MDM solutions.

Data Standardisation and Enhancement

Unstructured, inconsistent and duplicated materials master data makes items difficult to find, prevents procurement from implementing cost savings and accurately ordering parts, and frustrates maintenance activities. Simply, dirty data leads to operational inefficiencies at multiple levels. Digival MDM is a world-leader in undertaking data-cleansing projects that end uncontrolled free-text data entry, standardise and enhance your materials data, and provide your organisation with foundational data and standards. You will gain beneficial impacts across your entire operations.

Material Master Data Governance

Master Data Management is a way of life in the modern business world. Ensure that the benefits of legacy master data cleaning are not undermined through lack of governance and standards. Define master data corporate standards, processes and workflows, and create accurate, standardised materials at source. Digival MDM golden records liberate your front-line personnel and empower your inventory, maintenance and procurement operations.

Material Master Data Consultancy

Digival provides specialist, dedicated resources to deliver foundational master data, as part of one-off projects as well as in Business as Usual mode. Our dictionary consultants and subject matter experts have vast experience in multiple industries and across multiple materials data domainsand, depending on your requirements, work with or replace your internal resources. Our qualified specialists advise on industry best practice, and ensure your master data follows internal standards.

Service Master

Services comprise a significant proportion of organisational spend. Structured and harmonised services data, based on predefined dictionary templates, allows procurement to undertake data analytics and drive cost savings, both with vendors and through internal process improvements. Digival MDM manages your service master, eliminates rogue free-text spending, and maps your services spend to international classification standards.

Vendor Master

Do you have an inconsistent and unstructured vendor master, containing duplicated, obsolete and superseded vendors? If so, you probably suffer from lost cash and volume rebates, incorrect ordering and payments, and excessive procurement costs. Infoplus MDM builds consistent, structured and compliant vendor masters, manages inter-company relationships, and eliminates omissions and inconsistencies. Together, this creates the data foundation to undertake strategic sourcing and to improve your operational performance.

Product Content Management

Structured, accurate, reliable and searchable data fundamentally underpins all high-performing and successful product data web-sites. Digival MDM software elegantly on-boards data from multiple systems and new content sources, and seamlessly integrates with your e-commerce platform. Our experienced cataloguers ensure descriptions are consistent and complete, and contain accurate product hierarchies. The output of our product content management solutions is marketing-rich descriptive content, enabling efficient customer searching and increased sales.

Physical Verification

Sometimes, data simply cannot be made compliant from remote desktop activity. For some records, it is necessary to put on our coveralls, don the safety helmet, boots and safety specs, pick-up our handheld tablets and head to the shop-floor, warehouse or open yard to physically inspect and photograph the item. Our resources work alongside and augment your resources to create golden data, increasing the wrench time of your maintenance engineers and allowing them to focus on what they do best.

Consultancy support

Sometimes, you can be too successful and your business demands race ahead of your resource supply. Your existing team is just too small for what it has to do. Or, you may find that your team is not specialised enough. Digival MDM provides a wide-range of onsite and off-site master data consultancy services, covering materials, inventory and warehouse management. We offer our services to work with and support your operations on both short-term contract and long-term Business as Usual modes.

Plant Asset Management

An accurate asset register contains a detailed hierarchical structure of all your assets and links assets to spare parts. This increases the useful life of your assets,improves maintenance routines and increasesyour equipment uptime. Infoplus MDM plant asset management services provide golden source data that leads to improved asset utilisation, increased production, reduced spares holdings and safety compliance.