Digival solutions private limited has a vision “to empower the businesses to be relevant and competent”. To achieve our vision, it requires to strengthen and scaffold the business ecosystem through embedding the technology enabled systems and process to inherit quality culture in their institutions, products and services. So, Digival Solutions Private Limited set a Mission “to transform the business organizations by enriching values, quality and customer experience through providing customized, appropriate (personalized) and cost-effective technology enabled products, services, support and training”.

Data Standardisation and Enhancement

Unstructured, inconsistent and duplicated materials master data makes items difficult to find, prevents procurement from implementing cost savings and accurately ordering parts, and frustrates maintenance activities. Simply, dirty data leads to operational inefficiencies at multiple levels. Digival MDM is a world-leader in undertaking data-cleansing projects that end uncontrolled free-text data entry, standardise and enhance your materials data, and provide your organisation with foundational data and standards. You will gain beneficial impacts across your entire operations.

What we offer to Higher Educational Institutions?

Digival Solutions Private Limited has the experience and resources to transform educational organizations to achieve the quality standards and be relevant in delivering the education needed for the present and future world. We develop and enable the core education providers to sustain and progress in the competitive market by offering students a wide range of services to support, facilitate and improve their education experiences, ultimately shape them as employable graduate;

Digital Transformation:

We provide customized, appropriate and cost-effective digital transformation products, services, and support, Institutional & Program management solutions and training. There are strong evidences suggest that the current educational administration, learning, teaching and assessment related products implementation created more havoc in the institutions by creating redundancies and repetition of work and ultimately lead to ineffectiveness. The major reasons are the requirement of the institutions is constantly dynamic and evolving process, so the institutions required continuous evolving of products and services, which leads to deficit in their budget. We address this issue by developing a unique product such ERP, CRM, Digital Learning Resources, Collaboration Life Cycle Management and so on for specific institutions and provide them active support and training. Thus, it helps the institutions to achieve the outcome of digital transformation.

Software & Technology:

The technology and software are tailor made and unique for our clients (institutions). It will work more efficiently and integrate with the existing system. We provide advance platform with options of evolvement. It will be monitored through various metrics to assure the high performance and deliver content more effectively, reach more students. Whatever your objectives, we’ll provide the tools to help you meet them. It will provide complete digital transformation, connectivity, mobility, monitoring, feedback, tracking and industrial update to ensure the learners achieve their outcomes and competencies in order to have a successfully career.

Advisory on Infrastructure and Resource Development

We provide comprehensive educational programming based upon and sensitive to industry needs, yet addresses the cognitive development of the student’s educational experience. We help the institutions develop a cultural enrichment, personal development, and professional growth for the students, faculty and administration. We provide technology enabled services to establish a faculty and administration of professionals who reflect the highest standard of professionalism. Our technological expertise will help the institutions to develop a complete overall physical environment conducive to the student’s educational and creative pursuits. We also moderate the institutions to develop opportunities for international educational experiences.Our team diligently work to fulfill the stated purposes and goals of the business by consulting and servicing their client’s needs. We are committed to assessing the client’s needs and any other issues the client believes may require assistance or guidance.

Curriculum Development and Management Solutions

For any higher education institutions, making the relevant curriculum is highly challenging due to the dynamicity created due to technological disruptions and research advancements. Our deep educational expertise and relationships in the industry, we’ll make sure yours delivers to the students exactly what markets are looking for. We provide effective technology to refine your process of learning through reverse engineering method. In this process, first we define the desired outcomes of the curriculum (what should students know? and what should they be able to do after the program or course?), then aligned with the accreditation and regulatory standards, then develop outcomes, strategy, methods related to learning, teaching, and assessment, in the advanced format which decides how to deliver courses (online, classroom, blended) and enable the personalized learning, then providing validated, reliable, and appropriate engaging learning resources for covering all learning styles such as visual, audio and kinesthetic learners. Finally, the process establishes the assurance of learning by active formative assessment and drive the self-learning process and seed the most important attribute “lifelong learning”. We also provide a data visualization tool, for the administrators in all levels to have the clear data, report, and analysis of learners based on their level of achievement in learning outcomes.