Restaurant Management System

RMS is a complete suite of restaurant solutions offered by Digival Solutions Pvt.Ltd. that gives you true control and management of your restaurant effectively. It encompasses all types of establishments that supply food and beverages for consumption, from fine dining enterprises, ethnic restaurants and institutional food outlets to catering firms and lounges.

Digival RMS fulfil its job by enabling crucial information about your business to be at your finger tips whenever you needed and it provides 360 degree visibility of your organization.

Product Modules

Point of sales
Recipe Management System
Kitchen Order Tracking
Mobile Ordering System
Digital Menu
Centralized Server
Customer Relationship Management

Point Of Sales

Windows based application, which helps user to perform the following functionalities

Cashier / Shift Management
Take Order
Invoice Printing
Merge / Split Billing
Transfer Table
Cash Reconciliation
Loyalty Rewards
Android Tablet and iOS iPad versions

Recipe Management System

Recipe Management System helps to prevent mistakes, increases yield and to adjust the processing level of maintenance activities in order to boost the sales and avoid wastages.

Creating and Editing of Recipes
Track raw materials that go into the making of a menu
Dynamically track the selling of each ingredient applied for specific menu
Streamline ingredients
Cost Management

Mobile Waiter

Android based application which helps Waiter to get order from customer and place it to kitchen.

Table Configuration
Take/ Edit Order
Table Transfer
Merge / Split Billing
Order Tracking

Digital Menu

Android / iOS based application which helps Customers to perform following functionalities. It can be 100% designed based on customer branding and colour concepts

Table Configuration
View Product Menu
Place order
View Bill Details
Two level authentication


Windows based application is seamlessly integrated, graphical software application displays food order for preparation and monitors the timing of orders. It print the order details in printer if the kitchen is not suitable to put display system

Display the order details
Real time display
Recall old invoice
Able to filter the records based on category
Able to update the kitchen status
Able to print in the printer

Customer Relationship Management

Android / iOS based application which helps customers to perform following functionalities. It can be 100% designed based on customer branding and colour concepts

View Menu
Mobile Order
Rewards Redemption
Table Booking
Payment gateway integration
Outlet / Promotion details

Restaurant Management Server

Web centric application which runs in apache server performs the following functionalities.

Customer Management
Menu Configuration
User Management
Various reports
Centralized Dashboard to view real time status of the restaurant
Rewards Management
Recipe Management


Fast Service
Improve Restaurant Potential
Centralized Reports
Digitized Menu
Systemized Communication