Retail Management System

It is an integrated retail management solution designed exclusively to help retailers to automate their business processes on form.This comprehensive retail management system enables to provide all the needed features to handle and streamline the core functions of your retail business.

Additionally, this intuitive user-friendly system enables retail staff to serve their customers faster with great confidence than ever before.

POS (Windows, Android Tab)

Cashier / Shift Management
Hold Invoice
Retrieve Invoice
Invoice Printing
Multiple Payments
Cash Reconciliation
Cash- In/Cash-Out
Inventory Tracking
Shelf Life Items Clearance Alert
Reorder Level

Warehouse & Distribution

Purchase Requisition
Purchase Order
Purchase/Goods Receiving
Purchase/Goods Return
Supplier Payment
Cash- In/Cash-Out
Bin wise Storage
Products Aging

Stock take and Cycle Count

Speed & high processing capability
Greater objectivity & professionalism
Fast Assimilation
Quality and Integrity standards
Enhanced Sales

Handling Multiple Retail Chains

Integrated horizontally under centralized control
Emphasize on quick turnover
Increased sales
Standardized goods

Barcodes and RFID

Extensive library of industry-standard barcode formats
Option to display start/stop character
Automatic check digit capability
Variable and Unlimited width and height
Sequentially numbered barcodes

Mobile Applications

Update committed stock quantity
Add purchase order
Look into inventory information

Inventory Tracking

Centrally managed stock balancing
Theft Control
Product Tracking
Automated ordering